That is right I have not dated any man

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برای تبادل لینک ابتدا ما را با عنوان China Paddlewheel Flowmeter و آدرس لینک نمایید سپس مشخصات لینک خود را در زیر نوشته . در صورت وجود لینک ما در سایت شما لینکتان به طور خودکار در سایت ما قرار میگیرد.

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تاریخ : شنبه 25 دی 1400

” She says now, “Having money is not important to me. kyuki mein kissi ladke ko sharma flow measurement Suppliers kar ‘jee batayiye’ nahi bolungi (Link ups cannot happen with me, because I am not the kind of a girl who can be pretentious.”Ok, what about the basics —clean shaven or a man with a moustache? She ponders and gushes, “As of now… and I don’t know why. Also I shall never talk to any boy in a coy manner, say demurely, never). All in all he needs to have a balance of humour and intellect. Sara says, “Hmmm… I have yet not prepared any list as to what qualities in a boy will appeal to me. Though being single does not give many actresses a free pass from gossip.

So the next obvious question, what would she look for in a guy. She says emphatically, “Yes! That is right I have not dated any man, therefore you have not been able to read news of my link ups at all. ..”And with the confidence that comes with being a newbie, she brags smilingly, “Link ups… ho bhi nahi sakta hai . I am single at the moment.”Unlike her father, Saif Ali Khan, when he joked in KJo’s Koffee with Karan recently that the only attribute her beau should have is that he should have money, she had shrieked, “It’s so wrong. In Sara’s case, it seems to have worked.” But one thing at the top of her mind is, “I would still prefer a boy with a little bit of a humour.”

And there’s something all women would want, “He should also be able to listen to me about various things that we might discuss.In an industry which is notorious for real hook-ups, imaginary hook-ups and fake hook-ups to promote a film, the beautiful Sara Ali Khan has been immune to any link-ups although she is one film old and her next (Simmba) is almost here.” So guys out there, make razors your best friend because Sara Ali Khan likes them clean shaven. She says that she is “slightly different type of a girl”, who is not going to be a shrinking violet. It’s important that he needs to be funny. but I like men with a moustache

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